November is the month when we reflect on our blessings and we should be thankful for what we have been given in life. Recently, I had a friend send me a copy of a book called “The Power of Gratitude” written by Patrick M. Garry, who was raised in Fairmont, MN. It’s a very good book that hits home for so many of us that grew up in the midwest. But most importantly, it tells a great story on how his parents lived a very fulfilled life of gratitude. I encourage you to grab a copy of this short book, but, most importantly focus and reflect on your own “Gratitude.” Research states that people who practice gratitude every day are not only happier but also healthier. So if you were looking for reasons to be thankful, then these benefits should be just the motivation you need. Happy Thanksgiving to all: our customers, neighbors, friends and community. We are all blessed in so many ways.

Why is social media important? There are so many reasons.

-2.5 hours daily average time spent on social media platforms by Americans

-Almost 70% of Gen Z and Millenial users have made purchases because of social media content

-140 million new users have joined social media platforms in the past year alone

-as shoppers attention spans get shorter, short-form video content that gets straight to the point will get even more effective, and memorable.

-brands and businesses need to adapt accordingly and lean into th e “bite-sized” short form content consumers crave.

-460% higher video views on short forms content

-190% higher engagement on short-form content

What does this mean? Short-form videos have the power to convert viewers into customers.

-21% of shoppers will immediately purchase a product seen on social media

-53% of shoppers still purchase a product within a week

-26% of shoppers can take a month or longer to purchase a product seen on social

-75% of shoppers trust recommendations they see on social media

*aki – media by Inmar Intelligence