Michael Anderson

General Manager of Specialty Archery
We began the discussion with Blink on how to improve our social media presence in late 2016. Blink claimed they would be able to effectively improve our social media presence, and they have definitely accomplished that goal. Throughout 2017, Blink was successful in more than doubling our Facebook page likes which is now 8,548. Additionally, they created and built our Instagram page to over 1000 followers. Blink has been very informative and helpful throughout the entire process, and very pleasant work with. I would wholeheartedly recommend Blink to anyone looking to learn more about social media as well or improve their social media presence.

Pat McGill

Trainer and Speaker
I highly recommend Blink Marketing in Okoboji, Iowa. They have worked with me promoting my brand, speaking, and working with WE Women Entrepreneurs of the Iowa Great Lakes. Blink has been the publisher of the unique business magazine for women called "The Ladies Room," out in the marketplace for all to read, learn and enjoy. They saw the vision and with superlative work from the concept to the final product created a jewel... trustworthy, reliable and inventive. I highly recommend Blink.

David Sorgaroli

Innovative Outdoor Solutions
Blink Marketing provided excellent market insight and delivered outstanding results from executing consumer surveys, trade research and delivering a professional well thought out strategic marketing plan within budget and on time. I would highly recommend Jill and her team at Blink Marketing.

Di Lorenzen

Arnolds Park Amusement Park
Blink Marketing is a smart marketing expert. They are very knowledgeable about the best practices for all aspects of marketing a product or business to promoting it in the market. They work with clients to best fit their needs. Jill has created a team of professionals to support the efforts and work of her company. As a former coworker and now a client, I would recommend Jill as a top class professional to work for and to work with.



Research - It’s impossible to reach a destination that is unknown. Before we can begin the process of creating your identity we need to know your goals, expectations, business, audience, and past. Getting to know you is a process of self-discovery for your brand. It lets us map your success, so we can have a measurable goal that will help us refine our delivery in the next steps.


Refine the Project - Your brand is the totality of expectations, interactions, and past experiences that a consumer has ever had with your product. That’s a lot of responsibility and there’s a lot that can go wrong. Together we will start to establish a brand voice - one that you are proud of that will develop over time into positive brand equity will become crucial during this step. If you’re an established brand, we’ll work with you to continue what is likely a great brand to make it something truly special.


Design – This is the swagger to your step. Designing beautiful imagery, strategy, and campaigns that consistently and coherently reflect the research we put into developing your brand. A plan will be created that is tailor-made to your market that can be qualified and refined. Designing for the individual needs of your brand and audience will give you unique advantages over your competition.


Execute - Not stopping at the design level, we’ll work with you to continually refine your image and adapt to your market (or create one, if necessary). This is the step where we tweak your message, going back to refine strategy, thereby making this the most important step of them all. This is the step where the research really shines because what’s the point of great design if you don’t know who to deliver it to?