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A merger brings two companies together and unifies them for one purpose. We had the opportunity to develop and launch a new company name and brand for Ag Partners and First Cooperative Association, which is now known as AgState. The development of this brand and logo required an intense understanding of not only who they were but where they were going. AgState: Helping Producers Prosper. In addition to the rebranding, we have supported them in many of the marketing elements required to execute a new brand launch.


Scope of Work

Logo design / Trademark Registration / Research and Brand Consulting / Press Releases / Website Design / Drone Photography & Video / Letterhead / Business Cards / Newsletters / Print Ads / Tv Ad / Radio Ad / Media Plan and Management / Core Values Video / Social Media
What we've done for AgState
AgState | Website
AgState | Career Tradeshow
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AgState | Social Media
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