Arnold’s Park Amusement Park

The Lakes Icon celebrated 125 years of history in 2014.  It was time to reinvent and launch a brand that even today’s children would connect with.  We envisioned a brighter, bolder Park with universal appeal that didn’t just rely on nostalgia, but built upon it.  After talking with children in elementary school & middle school, parents and grandparents, we identified what made this Park special for all of them.  We took these unique components and created a logo that exemplified these traits and unique qualities:  the Legend Roller coaster, the Ferris Wheel and the fact that this Park sits on the shores of one of the world’s 6 blue water glacial lakes.  You will see this branding carried through the website, social media, brochures, and all signage throughout the park.  What makes this Park so unique is the people and the fact that when you enter the doors, it simply takes you back in time!