3 Summer Marketing Ideas for Fresh Seasonal Campaigns

  1. Everyone loves summer and a summer sale is even better. Take advantage of holiday promotions and there are plenty of holidays throughout the summer. Father’s Day, 4th of July, Back To School, Labor Day, etc. People buy more when they are happy and we all know that the sunshine brings out the best in all of us!
  2. Connect with your community. Show your support of your community by developing a promotion that gives back to your community. Buy this and a % of the proceeds go back to a specific community organization. Or you can even host a fundraising event at your place of business and open your doors to simply “doing good” for a day. This promotes not only good will, but, also shows your compassion and support for your community which will in turn reward you with loyal customers. You must be willing to give in order to get in return.
  3. Entertain. Even if your business has nothing to do with entertainment, give your customers something of entertainment value! This will resonate with them for days and months after. Host a social gathering after hours. Host a hot dog grill-out over the noon hour for your busiest customers. Sponsor a concert and pass out tickets. There are lots of ways to provide entertainment that will increase your value as a business.