Connecting with your local market – As a small business owner, you’re probably interested in expanding your local customer base. Your strategy needs to be locally-focused. What kinds of things can you do to attract people in the area to your business? 

Distribute Printables – You can have business cards, flyers, or brochures printed in bulk for a relatively low price. Offer them to customers in your own location, mail them to potential customers or place a few around town. (e.g. coffee shops).

Make Use of the Local Newspaper – The local newspaper provides various opportunities for advertising. You can place an ad or get a listing in the appropriate section (whether that be in the classifieds or elsewhere). Newspaper ads are one of the most powerful mediums for influencing consumer purchase behavior and are especially effective when advertising a sales promotion.

Wear Branded Swag – It’s relatively inexpensive to get branded swag for your team and possibly evenfamily or friends. You can advertise your business by sporting branded t-shirts,jackets, hats, bracelets, lanyards and more. It’s an investment that doesn’t stopgiving until you stop wearing!

Try Vehicle Wraps – Do you have company cars? If so—or if you wouldn’t mind using your owncar—vehicle wraps might be a good option for you. Car wraps will attract attention, while also giving people valuable information about your business such as an idea of your services and your contact info. And the great thing is, they never stop working. Even when parked, your vehicle(s) will be advertising for you!

Sponsor a Local Event- Marketing is all about staying top-of-mind with your audience. Being involved inthe local community is essential. Our region is filled with great local events (such as the Arnolds Park “Live at the Lake” concert series), you could serve as a sponsor and increase awareness by getting your brand in front of lots of eyes.